Resilience Teen Mural Competition

While CAE was closed to the public (from March 13-until we re-opened on June 13), we held a mural contest asking for artwork from community teenagers (ages 13-19). We called it our “Resilience” competition because teens have been forced to be resilient with learning to navigate online school and not seeing their friends and family during this pandemic. We asked teenagers from the community to capture their idea of “resilience” through a sketch or a painting that could be turned into a mural. The winner received a $150 prize and the chance to paint his/her mural on the classroom wall at CAE. Our winner was Samantha Ferguson. Sam is a 15-year-old rising junior at Conifer High School. Sam painted her mural, titled Resilience from the Inside Out, on the wall of the CAE classroom. Stop by and see it.

“To me, resilience is found in someone who knows their own truth and the value of their worth. Who doesn’t let society manipulate them into a constant search for something they are not. Someone who’s aware of the strength and power within themselves and their ability to overcome difficulties while still maintaining their light.” – Samantha Ferguson

Click here to download Sam’s complete Statement of Work.

CAE and Members of the Community Thank All First Responders, Healthcare Providers, and Essential Workers During Covid-19

CAE rallied members of the community during the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order to create artwork thanking our first responders, medical professionals, and essentials workers. We turned the artwork into banners, which hang at local grocery stores and medical offices in Evergreen and Conifer.