Starting November 3, 2018 Two Days: Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3, 4

Creating Art that DAZZLES (Watercolor)


$175 member price

$195 for non-members

Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 3, 4
All levels
Instructor: Randy Hale


As we get more comfortable as painters honing our craft, we begin to want to make art that does more than just capture a scene or a subject — we want to make ART that DAZZLES!

It’s really all about entertaining the eye, providing a bit of mystery, making some astute choices with color, or allowing ourselves a bit of freedom in reshaping a subject into something more wondrous.  Come join Randy for a weekend of exhilarating painting.  He’ll have lots of subjects to share as well as insight into how to take your subject beyond the mundane and make it full of feeling.  You’ll learn brush and edge control, how to utilize your phone’s camera when checking on your values.

About the Instructor
Randy Hale did undergraduate work in studio design at Principia College. He had the privilege of being taught watercolor in that tradition of painting now known as the California school of watercolor by one of its original members – James Green. Randy went on to earn a graduate degree in Business from the University of Denver. But it was his immersion in studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where he crafted a solid foundation in design and composition. Art Center propelled him into a long and successful career in design, project management, and sales. Pitching creative concepts provided a strong foundation in working successfully with people. Once Randy moved back to Colorado his involvement with numerous art groups led to his serving on several boards, organizing shows both locally and nationally, jurying art exhibitions and providing entertaining painting demonstration programs throughout the country. But Randy’s true passion has proved to be sharing his knowledge as a teacher and workshop instructor. His PAINTED PALETTE TOURS offers students a chance to enjoy the excitement of travel with fellow painters, discovering exotic locations and capturing expressive paintings that provide further enrichment of those travel experiences. His classes and workshops are popular, fill quickly and generate wait-lists with painters eager to join.

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