Starting June 15, 2019 One day, Saturday, June 15

Inspirational Abstract Painting

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$95 for non-members

Saturday, June 15 
All levels
Instructor: Melanie Warsinske

Course description:

Abstract Painting:  Where does your inspiration come from? After you’ve explored different techniques with use of paint, brush strokes, etc.  – Where do you find your expressive inspiration? What is the ‘it factor’ that makes your painting personal, individual and a creation that emotes your innate expression?  In Melanie’s abstract painting class, you will explore how to find that ‘inner’ force that moves you to create. None of us are alike. We have all led different lives with different experiences.

Let’s find your inspiration that will define your artistic signature!

About the Instructor

Trained in experimental abstract oil painting and ceramics, Melanie has a BFA from Texas Tech University. Not a Texan herself, she was born in Washington D.C and has been fortunate to travel the world, be introduced to different cultures and spectacular landscapes – which she feels peaked her interest in art.

Melanie has also has been fortunate to work under the mentorship of Tadashi Hawakawa, who has encouraged her to share her artistic talents with a much greater audience, including acceptance to exhibits in Nagasaki, Japan in 2012, 2014 and 2017; Chacala, MX; and has artwork in private collections throughout the United States.

Residing in Colorado, Melanie has a studio in Evergreen and is currently represented by Mirada Fine Art Gallery in Indian Hills, CO., and also in Red Lodge, MT and Nashville, TN.

Time:  9am-1pm

Day of the Week: Saturday, June 15 



Multiple Canvases  – Size of choice, but you will have much more fun with a larger size canvas, i.e. 20×20 or larger – Please bring a minimum of 2 canvases.

Paint: Oil or Acrylic (medium size tubes if working large)

Gesso: Especially, if you are using Oil paint and plan to apply texture

Palette – to mix paint on; and palette knife with blade approx. 3”, angled at handle.

Multiple large paint brushes – 1-2” wide brush or larger (go to Wal-Mart or Home Depot paint section & purchase cheap brushes)

Paper towels and cloth rags for rubbing (old t-shirts are great!)

Texture mediums – if you want to pre-apply texture such as sand, plastic, texturing gels and pastes, etc.