Starting March 21, 2019 One day, Thursday, March 21

MoonWrite:  Moon of Wild Possibility


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$95 for non-members

One day: Thursday, March 21

All Levels

Instructor: Judyth Hill

As the Spring Equinox and Full Moon are upon us, we will Gather in Joy for a day of writing into the NEW!

Bring your Journal, a fast-moving pen, a Dream & a Box Lunch.


Join Poet & Storyista, Judyth Hill for a Day of Passionate, Full-On, Transformative Engagement with Your Writing: Come MoonWrite!

Moon of Wild Possibility!

An Ecstatic WildWrite and WildWrite and WildWrite WorkShop!

If I feel physically as if the top of my head were taken off,I know that is poetry. ~Emily Dickinson

Poems say all the surprising things we didn’t know we needed to say. Let’s push that!

The World Needs Our Voices! Now more than Ever!

We’ll fill pages with WildWriting ~ a redhot , exciting new way to come to the page with VERVE!! ~ Explore Poem as Passionate Mystery ~ Write Inside Out & Upside Down! ~ Re-Fresh/Re-New Your Seeing ~ Write Fictional Memoirs~~ Vision/Re-Revision Play ~ Selecting New Seed for Poems ~ Try New Forms ~ Find the Breath inside Poem/Discover the Magic in Line breaks & Stanza Breaks  ~ Fill Your Journal with Starts ~ Enjoy FABULOUS Inspiring Handouts ~ YUMMM! ~

Let’s let our writing whisper, bellow, shout, weep, soar, coo…

Be HeartSong and MindMingle…Lyrical, loud, scrumptious, quiet….

Make poems of rivers running, slow seep, and raven’s wing….

Wild winds and fresh snow……early bulbs in bloom …

Let’s gather during this magical Full MoonTime

for the eloquence of the Mysterious

to happen…right now, here – to us!!

Come share some magical MoonWriting time, and bring ourselves

– and our poems – deliciously, VIVIDLY alive, on the page!


Judyth Hill, poet, editor, teacher, author of the internationally acclaimed poem, Wage Peace, published worldwide, performed and recorded by choruses, orchestras and dance companies, lives in the aspened splendor of the Rockies, in Evergreen, Colorado.

Her nine poetry books include Dazzling Wobble and Tzimtzum, her tenth mss is forthcoming in 2020.

She is the current President of PEN San Miguel. Hill conducts poetry and memoir workshops at conferences world-round, including the San Miguel Writers Conference, and leads global WildWriting Culinary Adventures.

Judyth was described by the St. Helena Examiner as, “Energy with skin” and by the Denver Post as, “A tigress with a pen”.