Starting June 29, 2019 One Day, Saturday, June 22

Plein Air Urban Sketching


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$120 for non-members

Saturday, June 22, 9am-4pm (NOW SOLD OUT!)
Sunday, June 23, 9am-4pm
Instructor: Randy Hale
Class Description:

All levels, but some comfort with drawing

Let’s get back outside for some fast field sketches!  Join Randy downtown on Saturday morning in Evergreen.  He’ll meet you in the public parking lot opposite “Little Bear” at 9 am.  To get everyone started, he’ll do a quick ink sketch as he talks about what to look for in picking a subject, how to do creative editing to strengthen a composition, and how to lock in changing light. Watch and learn how simply adding a loose watercolor wash can flesh out an ink sketch that provides depth and appeal.

Throughout the day Randy will do several demos as he explains his process. But most of the day will be for you to make your own plein air sketches and washes – while he provides you with steady one-on-one instruction.  For the traveling plein air enthusiast what better way than sketching to capture the sites and smells of all we encounter?  It’s a quick way to make field notes or a finished piece.  It requires minimal supplies, and doesn’t take a lot of time – especially if you’re touring with friends who are non-painters…or perhaps just off by yourself!  Be sure and join us for a fun and exciting day outside in this great warm-up for summer travel!


About the Instructor:

Randy’s career as a professional artist, juror, and workshop instructor evolved from many years working as an industrial designer and illustrator. He received his training from California’s prestigious Art Center College of Design.   He credits his success in the art world to those years spent in sales, marketing, and project management. Working with clients provided Randy with a comfort-level in expressing ideas and explaining concepts so they are easy-to-understand.

In fact, Randy Hale is a natural-born teacher.  His reputation for doing demo’s in front of a crowd of onlookers is legendary.  He easily carries on a conversation explaining each step and decision while he paints. He is equally comfortable depicting any subject, using landscapes, portraits, figures or abstracts to illustrate a point.  Randy encourages his students to create a story in which the viewer can participate.  His mantra of “less is more” rallies painters to simplify, suggest & imply – letting water do most of the work to prevent compositions from becoming overcomplicated.  By inspiring a viewer to imagine detail where none may actually exist, he entreats the viewer to engage in your painting as a full participant.  And therein lies the magic of good painting!

Dramatic use of light is perhaps the singular element that brings definition to Randy’s own work.  But good art can be executed in any medium and any style as long it provides a hook that engages the viewer, entertains the eye, suggests a bit of mystery, tells a story, or provokes thought!

For more information about Randy Hale and his art, visit his website at www.halegallery.com


9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Saturday, June 22 is now SOLD OUT!  Sign up for Sunday, June 23!