Starting March 31, 2019 One day, Sunday, March 31

Pysanky Eggs




Sunday, March 31, 1pm-4pm

Instructor: Meghan Vickers
Course description: Pysanky are traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs that are created using an ancient wax-resist method. Derived from the word “pysaty” (to write), these beautiful eggs are made by writing with wax on the surface of the eggs with a tool called a “kistka” before dyeing. Each egg is decorated with traditional symbols and colors that have carried down generation after generation. Come learn the history of these beautiful works of art, and make your own to take home.


About the Instructor: Meghan Vickers learned the art of pysanky as a teenager in Pennsylvania, but it wasn’t until she became an adult that she began creating the decorated eggs in earnest, carrying on the tradition of her grandmother. Meghan worked at the Hiwan Museum, where she taught classes on the art of pysanky in addition to her full-time duties there, but recently became a stay at home mom to her two toddler-age children. She can be reached at mmmcginnes@hotmail.com.

1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

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