Starting June 29, 2019 One day, Saturday, June 29

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

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Saturday, June 29 from 10:00am- 4:00pm
Instructor: Joan Mickelson

Course description:


Joan Mickelson will teach basic shamanic journeying skills as a means of enhancing creativity for both writers and visual artists.  For over 25,000 years, men and women have discovered the non-ordinary reality hidden behind our everyday perceptions; imagined, told, and written mythic and folk narratives; explored the invisible in Nature; and engaged in self-healing through these methods. To the sound of a drum beat, participants will access the imagination by evoking the dream-like, Theta brainwave state of consciousness. We will discuss techniques including shamanic journeying, automatic writing, and sketching as a means to access the deep imagination. Participants will retrieve guides to the invisible, otherworlds in the forms of animal powers and human-like ancestral and archetypal teachers, elementals and/or spirits who are representative of the natural world. We will write and/or sketch our journeys.  The class is open to writers, visual artists, and to non-artists. Bring a notebook and pen with which to write and take notes. Visual artists should also bring paper, pencils or other sketching media. If you have a drum or rattle you are welcome to bring them but they are not required.

About the Instructor

Over Joan’s career as an artist, puppet, and mask maker, she has had experience in textile arts, writing, sculpting, painting and performance. She taught classes as an Artist in Residence for the Minnesota State  Arts Board and taught shamanic practice to both groups and individuals.  She has studied meditation and Core shamanic techniques with teachers including Michael Harner, Tom Cowan, and Betsy Bergstrom. She is a graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s Two Year Teacher Training Program, has a degree in Holistic Healing from the University of Minnesota, and has studied Pschosynthesis and Guided Imagery with the Psychosythesis Institute of Minnesota.  She wrote a play based upon a series of dreams, made the puppets, dolls and masks, and performed it on the stage of Red Eye Collaboration in Minneapolis. She was inspired to write the novel, A Mirror of Stones, when  the characters first appeared to her while journeying into the pictures she saw in figured stones such as jasper and agate. For more information about Joan, here is her website:  jmmickelson.com

Day of the Week: Saturday, June 29

Time: 10:00am-4:00pm