Patsi Pohle is a prolific artist – her art career spans over thirty years. She works in oils,  and acrylics with pallet knife.  In addition, she accepts private commissions. Patsi’s love now is painting her own fine art creations.  She finds inspiration for her Art in the flora and fauna of Evergreen and on her high country hikes and photography expeditions.

Patsi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She also holds an Associate Degree in Commercial Art from Indiana Technical College. She spent her early career working as a commercial artist; both as staff and freelance artist for clients including Cummins Engine Co, Arvin Industries, Grote Manufacturing, Lear Siegler, and R.R. Donnelley. 

Patsi is a member of the Evergreen Artists Association, Center for the Arts Evergreen, the Gilpin Arts Association and the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery. Her current goal is to create art on a full time basis in the pallet knife styles that she enjoys. You can find her online here.  Patsi’s Venmo is: @Patsi-Pohle.

Patsi is Giving Back

CAE member, volunteer, and instructor Patsi Pohle is giving back! First, Patsi generously created a studio tour to offer you a peek into the world of a working artist. Now, she’s offering her works of art for sale with 100% of the money going to help COVID-19 relief. Patsi creates original oil and acrylic paintings that capture the beauty of Colorado. She is giving 20% of each purchase to local charities and nonprofits and 80% to the charity of YOUR choice! What an amazing way to own a lovely piece of art and support those in need.

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Meet Patsi Pohle

  1. Tell us a little about your work and artistic practice? 

    My best routine is to start in the morning after yoga, breakfast, and maybe a hike or in the evenings. I sometimes work on just one painting at a time, and sometimes I work or 2 or maybe even 3. I usually work from 1-2 photos that are projected on a large screen in my studio. The photos are for reference as I use them as an idea and they never really look like the picture. However, since we have been quarantined and the weather is getting nice, I am going to get out and paint more en plein air.

  2. What have you been doing to keep occupied during the shelter-in-place and how has your creative process been impacted? 

    I have found it hard to focus with COVOD-19 issues. I have painted only a couple of paintings.  I’ve been watching YouTube videos of other artists painting and looking at paintings online. I’ve spent more time cleaning, organizing, and purging as it takes less brain power and is a mindless task.

  3. Where do you find inspiration? 

    From my photographs or friends. Sometimes I go through royalty-free photos of subjects I find interesting. My favorite subject is snow-capped mountains with water. I have grown fond of aspens. Someone asked me once if I paint aspens and, at that time I didn’t, so I said, “No, because everyone paint aspens.” Then I painted a few and realized they really sell well, so now I also paint a lot of aspens.

  4. Who are your biggest influences? 

    I have been an artist for most of my life in one media or another. Now I paint primarily in oil and acrylic, mostly with a pallet knife as it allows me to be looser. I have been inspired by illustrators, mostly because of being an illustrator first. The early illustrators like Mark English, Robert Peak, Howard Chandler Christy, Macfield Parrish, and others. Now, in fine art I have found my way by experimenting and creating texture and color.

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