We know how challenging COVID-19 has been on our community of makers. To give back, we are converting our space into an indoor maker’s market for the months of June and July 2020. What’s a Maker’s Market? CAE has cleared our gallery space, and we will be curating a unique arts and crafts marketplace specifically designed to support the many talented makers who are suffering during this pandemic. The Maker’s Market will provide a vibrant, socially-distanced shopping experience when CAE re-opens in mid-June. Artists’ work will receive exposure in a safe environment following the CDC recommended guidelines. The best part? You don’t have to staff a booth and there is NO APPLICATION FEE. CAE will provide the coverage, the security, and the check-out process. You simply provide the beautiful pieces of artwork.

*All work must be hand-made.
**We maintain a 60/40% split. Artist keeps 60%.
***Sales are directly staffed, marketed, and administered by CAE.
****FREE to apply.

APPLICATIONS ARE CLOSED. Our Maker’s Market committee is reviewing applicatoin, and we will notify you by email no later then June 2 about the status of your application. Each selected artist will be featured from June 13 – July 18.


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