Word: Art Meets Advertising: November 7-December 5, 2020
Featuring Artwork by: Chris Krieg, David Russell, David Conger, Mark David Baer, Will Krieg, & Amaury Pdilla

Word: Art Meets Advertising explores the intersection of the creative experience and everyday life. What is the shared experience encountered when navigating the public realm whether it is the streets of the urban core or the latest social media platform? As text, signage and various forms of visual language are used in the advertising industry; it can also be re-appropriated in an art context representing place, identity and interconnectivity. Art can function in multiplicity.  Word: Art Meets Advertising aims to represent artworks that straddle the precipice of arts’ autonomy and art and design that functions in daily life.

Word: Art Meets Advertising Catalog

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The show is sponsored by PandoraJohn Properties, Mountain Home, and Alexa Interiors.