I’m Here: Center for the Arts Evergreen’s Traveling Teen Exhibition

After two years of toggling between separation and reuniting, uncertainty and determination to move forward, Center for the Arts Evergreen’s (CAE) curated teen exhibition, I’m Here, honors works of art that reflect upon the resilience and growth that today’s teenagers were forced to dig deep for in the midst of a pandemic. I’m Here is an opportunity to acknowledge the journeys of today’s teens and celebrate their strengths through their chosen artistic mediums.

Curated by peers from CAE’s Teen Arts Council, the traveling teen exhibition consists of approximately 40 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional pieces of original artwork from student artists representing 16 Colorado high schools. The artwork is a powerful representation of the theme of reuniting, rebuilding, and looking forward with a renewed sense of hope.


  • Approximately 40 2-D and 3-D pieces
  • Exhibit installation by CAE
  • Introductory panel & gallery cards in English and Spanish
  • Press kit includes printing of up to 200 catalogs, draft press release, and 3 high-res images for press use
  • Optional CAE representative opening reception talk/intro
  • Travel, shipping, and insurance is provided by CAE


  • No fee to venue. The I’m Here traveling exhibit has been made possible by generous donations.


  • 4 – 6 weeks (longer upon request)


  • Availability beginning April 2022


  • At least 70 linear feet*
    *Note: 120 linear feet is ideal, a salon-style configuration is an option.

If you are interested in booking this exhibit, please contact Emiko@EvergreenArts.org with questions, to view a complete catalog of pieces included, or to schedule your venue to host this exceptional exhibit.

Stuck in Routine
Phoebe Hatch

Kelly Roach

CAE’s Traveling Teen Exhibition is generously supported by: