Histordomestic-ity: March 5-April 9, 2021

Histordomestic-ity: March5-April 9, 2021
The Collaborative Artwork of Rian Kerrane and Melissa Furness

A collector of contemporary detritus and seeing value in material, form, and the inherent history of such finds, Rian Kerrane treats her studio as a laboratory for exploration. Defining herself as a contemporary archeologist, her collecting instincts are tribute to an impetus to honor the innate qualities and histories of upcycled and industrial elements. Her sculptural forms critique our current state and reference the familiar with fresh narrative.

Melissa Furness is an artist that treats painting as a conceptual object that challenges history. Her work explores the concept of ruin–the broken down and overgrown physical structures of the past, the death of historical constructs or ideals in light of present circumstances, and narratives of personal struggle and transformation.

Melissa states, “I extract elements of history, to put into question their significance in the world as we know it today. They become nothing more than a fragment of the unknown which we are urged to revere. Compare what we uphold culturally versus what we discard.” Similarly, Rian states, “I am conscious of how our domestic reconstructions are simulations of nature and how the discarded artifact deserves anthropological study.” The artists invite you to re-visualize every day and historical objects and discover interrelated personal and public narratives within their multidimensional collaborative installations.

Furness and Kerrane have been collaborating on installation works for the past seven years. The artists are aware of the parallels within each other’s work, as patterns, artifacts, and nature cross over and populate one another in a rich, symbolic, textured language. The combinations of Kerrane’s and Furness’ works seek to merge imagery with objects, projections and movement into complex layers of meaning.

2021-2022 Exhibitions

Center for the Arts Evergreen has a variety of exhibitions in its main gallery. The exhibitions listed below are scheduled for the remainder of 2020 and 2021. Each all-call show (as marked) will have a Call for Entry posted in the coming weeks and months. Each Themed Show will have a Call for Proposals posted at least 6-16 weeks prior to the show opening date.

  • January 22-February 20, 2021                   Hear Me Teen Show
  • March 5-April 9, 2021                                   histordomest-icity: Melissa Furness & Rian Kerrane
  • April 23-May 21, 2021                                   It’s Personal: Gail Folwell & Will Day
  • June 4-July 3, 2021                                       Getting Sideways: A Slightly Different Journey Through Life: Mike Arzt & Pat Milberry
  • July 9-August 7, 2021                                    Love (ALL-CALL SHOW: Call for Entries is not open yet)
  • August 13-September 10, 2021                   120 for $120
  • September 24-October 30, 2021                Rocky Mountain National Watermedia: (ALL-CALL SHOW: Call for Entries is OPEN)
  • November 12-December 23, 2021             CAE Member Show: (ALL-CALL SHOW for CAE Artist Members: Call for Entries is not open yet)
  • January 14-February 11, 2022                    I’m Here Teen Show: (ALL-CALL TEEN SHOW: Call for Entries is not open yet)
  • February 25-March 26, 2022                      Silence. In the Absence of Noise: (PROPOSAL EXHIBITION: Call for Proposals is not open yet)

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