Bringing the Arts to Evergreen Since 1974

In 1974, a group of art enthusiasts forged a plan to provide mountain area residents with an avenue to pursue high-quality art instruction & view a wide variety of art. In 2003, the group leased a small building, & the organization was renamed Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) to signify its official venue status soon after. In 2017, CAE purchased & renovated the historic Bergen Park Church. The new space allowed for an 1,800-square foot exhibition gallery & the significant expansion of educational & community programming, including beginning- to advanced-level visual arts & crafts classes for all ages, creative writing courses, master workshops in various mediums, children’s summer camps, & a teen arts council. Engaging professional artists in multiple aspects, CAE commits to a high level of artistic excellence, hosting 8-9 exhibits yearly. Additionally, CAE hosts outdoor & gallery concert series’, offers indoor event/recital space, & produces three community-oriented free or low-cost arts festivals & celebrations annually. A curated artisanal gift shop in the center also provides exposure & revenue for local artists.

Our Mission

To enrich and serve our mountain community by promoting and cultivating the arts through quality educational programming, exhibitions, and events.

Statement of Inclusion

Center for the Arts Evergreen is committed to treating all people with kindness, encouragement, and respect, believing that each one of us contributes to the health and well-being of the whole by combining our diverse views, personalities, and backgrounds as well as our myriad ethnicities, genders, and proclivities.

It is not our intent to single out certain people for special treatment but to consider all people, not despite but because of our differences, worthy of our attention and intentional inclusion, believing that the arts are a vehicle for specifically bringing people together in the appreciation of creativity, talent, diverse perspective, and honest expression.