Meagan Andersen

Meagan Andersen is born and raised in Colorado and is so proud to call Evergreen her home! When she was younger, she always loved two things: making art and working with children. She began her higher education on a path to teaching and was on her way to becoming an art teacher when she discovered art therapy. After receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Metropolitan State University of Denver, she went on to receive her Master of Arts Art Therapy from Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College in Indiana. Meagan is an art therapist as her primary career, co-founding the non-profit Mountain HeArt Therapy, operating out of Evergreen and Denver. But she absolutely loves her art classes here at the center!

Having worked with kids for almost three decades, Meagan understands the importance of providing alternative outlets for kids besides athletics and technology and always encourages her students to tap into their imaginations and let their creativity soar! She thoroughly enjoys watching children’s art flourish from an idea to a finished product. Art has the amazing power to release the areas of the mind that have been locked up due to any number of experiences. She truly believes in the inherent healing nature that art provides, and she is thrilled to be able to bring that power to her students outside of a therapeutic setting. Meagan runs many art classes throughout the year for kids and adolescents as well as several summer camps throughout the summer. She resides in Evergreen with her partner, Rodney, and their three incredible children.

Pem Dunn

Pem Dunn has lived and painted in Colorado since 1984 and maintains residences in Evergreen and Tabernash. His paintings are a clear reflection of his love of the out-of-doors. Hiking the back-country trails of the Rocky Mountains provides much of his inspiration. Viewing Pem’s work, one sees many familiar vistas of these areas in his oils. Pem is inspired by the constant changes in light and weather. This inspiration is evident in the light and subtle nuances of color that bring a great deal of richness to his work. Pem has studied with some of this country’s finest artists including Joseph Dawley, Natalie Becker, Karen Vance and Scott Christensen. You can find Pem’s work online here.

Carolyn Campbell

Carolyn Evans Campbell has taught poetry, memoir and creative writing in Evergreen and the region for twenty-five years.  Her seven books of poetry, the historical novel Fireweed, A Woman’s Saga in Gold Rush America, and a play with music, have won wide recognition, including The Colorado Book Award, the Willa Literary Awards for historical fiction, and eight first place awards from the Colorado Author’s League.

Jennifer Walsh

Jennifer Walsh describes herself as not a typical art teacher. She began her career working with children in 2002 as a Kindergarten teacher then eventually as a Third Grade teacher. She has been teaching middle and high art since 2009. Her passion for teaching comes from seeing her students grow as artists and people as well as fostering positive relationships and providing a safe place for expression. In her spare time, she loves spending time with her family camping in the forest, laying on the beach or fishing off the dock.

Steve Griggs

Steve’s love of art started early in life. While other children would lament field trips to the art museum, that was his favorite day of the school year! Steve’s mother bought his first ‘real’ watercolor set of six tubes of paint, when he was in elementary school and his love of watercolor was born. Growing up in a large family made finding time and space for painting difficult. Whenever possible Steve would steal away to the basement of his childhood home where he would paint but never show anyone what he had done. Steve remained a ‘closet artist’ until he attended Michigan State University and graduated with a degree in Studio Art. Steve later attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and studied Industrial Design. In 2005, Steve began to paint professionally, showing his paintings in galleries and juried art exhibitions. He currently has signature membership with Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Society and Colorado Watercolor Society. Steve’s earliest influences and inspirations came from the Great Lakes region where he grew up. Throughout his lifetime he has been enamored of boats. Sailing vessels, lake freighters, military frigates; any type of boat has captured his imagination. Although Steve has resided in Colorado for many years, his paintings often reflect his love of the Great Lakes, fostered by frequent trips to his hometown near Detroit, Northern Michigan, and Wisconsin. In addition to boats, Steve also paints landscapes and cityscapes. He offers workshops and demonstrations, as well as individual and small group painting lessons to help other artists understand and learn his unique style. Steve’s students range from the very inexperienced artist to the professional painter. He has gallery representation with Mirada Fine Art in Indian Hills, Colorado, Twisted Fish in Elk Rapids, Michigan, and SouthWind Gallery in Topeka, Kansas Steve’s paintings can be found on Facebook, and Instagram. You can find Steve online here. Below is a video of why you should take a class with Steve!

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Erin Ratke

Erin Ratke is a Colorado resident and has been involved with the Visual Arts for over 20 years. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree with a focus on Art History from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, Erin moved to Colorado to surround myself in the great outdoors. Erin loves to run, camp, hike, mountain bike, snowboard, and climb. Spending time with her friends and family is what she enjoys most. Erin received her K-12 teaching license from Metropolitan State College of Denver. She has taught Art in both private and public school settings and has experience working with a wide variety ages. Erin also holds a Master’s degree in Linguistically Diverse Education from the University of Colorado. Currently, she teaches Art at Parmalee Elementary in Indian Hills, Colorado. Erin values healing, diversity, individualism, and expression in art education and believes in children of all abilities.

Tanya Keith

Inspired by function, my pottery begs to be used. All my pots are made with high fire stoneware and made to be enjoyed in everyday life. My work is only complete when someone has filled a mug with tea or used a bowl for soup. While making practical vessels, I embrace a variety of options in surface decoration. From juicy glaze combinations that drip over one another, to sgraffito, Mishima, or the use of sprigs…there is no end to the exploration of adding aesthetics to a functional pot. While focusing on its future use, I love the process of creating unique designs. My inspiration can come from symbols, Zen tangles, sacred geometry, Asian influences, or my interest in texture.

Pottery found me as a stat at home mom, needing an outlet 18 years ago. Once the clay spoke to me, I could not leave it. Throwing pots on the wheel felt a bit like coming home. It has become part of my family, as I have a home studio which my kids have full access to create whatever they wish. I find great joy in sharing clay and pottery making; whether it is someone who wants to buy my work, or wants to learn to make a mug themselves, or a toddler squishing a ball of clay between their little fingers, or another pottery who can talk glaze and form until the sun rises!

Working with clay is a very grounding. I feel that a spiritual connection transfers to the pts I make. There is a certain intimacy created when someone reaches for their favorite coffee mug every morning. Creating pottery that can be a part of someone’s daily ritual, or a family gathering is something I hold great reverence for.

Sunny Monaco

Sunny Monaco received her BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder; which included an exchange program in ceramics at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, and a MA from University of Colorado at Denver. Currently she is a studio artist in Boulder, Colorado and Art teacher. Sunny’s work has been shown at the BMOCA gallery in Boulder, Roshanda Art gallery in Niwot, Anna Leonowens Gallery in Halifax, NS Nova Scotia Museum of Fine Art in Halifax, NS, Sibelle Wolle Art Gallery at the University of Colorado, and Abanakee Art Studios in Indian Lake, NY. She is currently a member of the Foothills Art Center in Golden, CO and the Evergreen Center for the Arts. Her collaborative artwork: Stella Riga Designs, can be found in shops and galleries in Denver, Evergreen, Boulder, Buena Vista, Winter Park, Golden, Tabernash, Fraser, Glen Haven, Fort Collins, Aspen and Indian Lake, NY. You can find Sunny on Facebook here.

Randy Hale

Randy Hale did undergraduate work in studio design at Principia College. He had the privilege of being taught watercolor in that tradition of painting now known as the California school of watercolor by one of its original members – James Green. Randy went on to earn a graduate degree in Business from the University of Denver. But it was his immersion in studies at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA where he crafted a solid foundation in design and composition. Art Center propelled him into a long and successful career in design, project management, and sales. Pitching creative concepts provided a strong foundation in working successfully with people. Once Randy moved back to Colorado his involvement with numerous art groups led to his serving on several boards, organizing shows both locally and nationally, jurying art exhibitions and providing entertaining painting demonstration programs throughout the country. But Randy’s true passion has proved to be sharing his knowledge as a teacher and workshop instructor. His PAINTED PALETTE TOURS offers students a chance to enjoy the excitement of travel with fellow painters, discovering exotic locations and capturing expressive paintings that provide further enrichment of those travel experiences. His classes and workshops are popular, fill quickly and generate wait-lists with painters eager to join. You can find Randy online here.

Adrienne Stohr Lewis

Adrienne Stohr Lewis, is a Certified Creatively Fit Coach and a Community Herbalist. She is from Anchorage AK and recently moved with her family and animals to a house near Three Sisters Park in Evergreen. Adrienne says: “I believe when we connect to ourselves through painting we can access our personal power, and power is freedom. I came to this practice as a young mother and learned that by immersing myself in painting as meditation, painting as energy work and painting as a personal journey I found healing and FREEDOM. What I want to share with each person in my life is that you are powerful, you are wise, you are unique and perfect as you are, and the gifts you want to share, the life you want to live is waiting for you; it is already within you. At the heart of my practice is using painting and wild plants to heal our bodies and minds, to create connection between ourselves, the earth and the divine within. I teach a simple 4 step painting practice that ensures that anyone can paint. Together we will experience guided meditations and plant medicines in our classes together. We will learn to play for no reason other than joy.” You can Adrienne online here.

Melanie Warsinske

Melanie was fortunate to travel the U.S., Europe and Panama while growing up. She was introduced to new cultures, varied landscapes and artwork that peaked her own interest in art. Melanie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Experimental Painting and a minor in Ceramics from Texas Tech University, 1976. Fortunate to study with painting with professors Paul Hannah and Hugh Gibbons — experimental painting had NO limits! Melanie has also studied with abstract painter, Tadashi Hayakawa and his mentorship breathed new energy and enthusiasm into Melanie’s artwork, where she began sharing her artwork with the public on a larger scale. Melanie participates in juried art shows, curates, and teaches private and group painting classes with an emphasis in abstract expressionism. Other opportunities include: Artist in Residence in Chacala, Mexico, as well as showing her work Internationally in Los Arcos Galeria de Arte, Chacala Mexico in 2016 and Nagasaki Museum of Art’s LELA Exhibition in Nagasaki, Japan in 2012, 2014 and 2017. Residing in Colorado, Melanie has artwork in private collections throughout the United States. Melanie is currently represented by Mirada Fine Art Gallery in the Denver area, The Walnut Gallery in Longmont, CO, and Red Lodge, MT.

Denali Brooke

Denali Brooke is an international award winning artist who has exhibited in the last three International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibitions (2015, 2017, and 2019).  While living in New Mexico, she won several awards both in national and statewide juried exhibitions. She had the honor of assisting Dawn Emerson in some of the initial organization of her book, Pastel Innovations. Denali is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America (2019) and earned her BFA from the University of Arizona in 1987.  She has collectors as far away as South Africa and Spain.  To give back to her community, she volunteers drawing demos for schools, senior centers, and other fund-raising events. She has additionally presented her journey as a disabled artist before disability advocates and FDIC representatives at the Building Financial Inclusion for All: A Call to Action conference in 2017, Albuquerque, New Mexico. You can find her work online here. Below is a video showing why you should take a class with Denali!

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Karen Lindsay

Karen Lindsay graduated with a degree in Education from the University of Denver. Although she has no artistic talent, she is an art enthusiast and an active volunteer at the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver. Karen is an Advisory Board member of Sculpture Evergreen, a nonprofit whose mission is to acquire public art for Evergreen. She has facilitated several art history classes for OLLI, the University of Denver’s adult education program, including The Group of Seven, The Broadmoor Artists, Colorado Women Artists of the 20th Century, Passport to Paris, Picasso to Pollock, Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, and tours of local museums in the Denver area.

Sarah Dignan

Sarah is a freelance artist specializing in portraiture and illustration. Her work often emphasizes color, light, and unique expressions, focusing on bringing out life and individual personality of a subject. She works primarily in oil on canvas, although she also enjoys painting with acrylics and watercolor. In addition to her freelance work and commissions, Sarah has given art lessons to children, adults, and teenagers in a wide variety of media and in both a classroom and one-on-one setting, and currently teaches art at West Jefferson Middle School in Conifer, Colorado. She lives in Pine, Colorado with her husband and two children, three dogs, and one cat.

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