Urban Outlook:  November 6-December 5, 2020
Guest Curators: Chris Krieg & William Krieg

Description: This theme speaks especially to Denver with its history of cultural variety and neighborhood structure. The social aspects of city life including diversity, neighborhood landmarks, and street life are all welcome. Show us the people of all shapes, sizes, and colors, who give the city life. Life in cities other than Denver and other aspects of urban life such as industry, urban naturalism, fashion, traffic, and architecture are welcome as well. Thoughts from Chris Krieg: “Leave the frames at home. Break the edges. Make your art lift off the canvas. Think big; Think small. Give us gritty; give us whimsical; give us street.”

DEADLINE: August 15, 2020
NOTIFICATION DATE: September 15, 2020
SUBMISSION FEE: No Submission Fee, but all artists who are part of your proposal must be Center for the Arts Evergreen Artist Members ($50/year) to be considered.HOW TO SUBMIT: Use the online form below to submit your application and the corresponding membership link to purchase your Artist Memberships.