After 28 years as an independent all-volunteer non-profit organization, Sculpture Evergreen has merged with Center for the Arts Evergreen (CAE) in Evergreen, Colorado. This arts organization in the foothills west of Denver will continue with Sculpture Evergreen’s mission to collect, display, and maintain sculptural art in predominantly outdoor locations that are freely accessible to the public every day of the week. The sculptures can be viewed and experienced by walking or driving through the Evergreen area.



Questions about current sculptures, the 2023-24 Sculpture Walk, or any other sculpture-related inquiries? Please contact Sara Miller at

A Historical Perspective: Permanent Sculptures and the Sculpture Walk

Sculpture Evergreen was incorporated in November 1994 as Art for the Mountain Community, with the purpose of placing high-quality enduring sculpture in public places in the mountain area of Jefferson County. SE’s first project was to commission a large, original piece of sculpture to be placed outside the Evergreen Lake House. “Spirits of the Land” by Madeline Wiener was selected and installed in 1996. In 1997 two matching limestone benches with a bronze plaque acknowledging major donors, including the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD), were installed. Since then, SE has added more than 40 sculptures to its permanent collection.

In 1999 SE began a new venture, the annual Sculpture Walk. This yearly competition brings a lively diversity of high-quality sculpture to the mountain area. Artwork is selected from many submissions, and then loaned to SE for a year. Each of the artists whose work is selected is paid an honorarium, and awards are given to those voted by the public as the favorites. A trail map showing the locations of the permanent sculptures and Sculpture Walk art is produced each year and widely distributed throughout the greater Evergreen area. A map of the sculptures is also available on the SE website. Each of these sculptures is for sale, and some have become part of the permanent collection, thanks to donations from individuals and others. SE has also received valuable grant support from the (SCFD) and Colorado Creative Industries (CCI). SE is also indebted to the generous property owners who allow sculptures to be placed in accessible and scenic locations throughout the community.

In 2010, a “Guide by Cell” feature was added to the sculptures to enable viewers with cell phones to access a self-guided tour. Each sculpture has a plaque with the Guide by Cell number (303-562-0435), and a unique number such as 6 or 101. The tour provides a narrative about each sculpture, the artist’s inspiration, what to look for and why.

Purchase Sculptures

Did you know that all of our Sculpture Walk art is for sale? Artists loan us their work for a year in the hopes that you will not only enjoy it but also be inspired to buy! Artists receive a stipend to exhibit their work, and Center for the Arts Evergreen receives a percentage of the sales price if it sells. Over the years, many of the Walk pieces have been purchased by enthusiastic collectors as well as the community. For more information on how to purchase a sculpture contact Center for the Arts Evergreen.

Sculpture Walk Sponsors

Each year, we are grateful for the support shown by sponsors of the annual Sculpture Walk art. It costs $2,000 to 2,500 per sculpture, and sponsorships go a long way toward making this annual event possible. If you are interested in sponsoring a sculpture, we would love to hear from you. Your name or business will be listed on a plaque mounted with the sculpture, and we will feature your name in our advertising and on our website for the year. Please contact for more information.


Karen Lindsay

Sponsor of: Joy

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Marty and Don Unger

Sponsors of: Ghost of the Oaks

In celebration of Maddie and Lingyu

Sponsors of: Sun Shadow Moon Light

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Sponsor of: Imagine

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