Artists and arts educators have been hit especially hard during the covid-19 crisis. CAE is a small institution with a small staff, but we feel as though it is imperative to support our community. Each of the artists on this page has designated a method for collection donations. We ask that you consider making a donation if you enjoy the content they provide. Some artists are in the position to gather donations for other institutions, while others are not. We respect everyone’s individual situation and want to provide exposure as well as content for our viewers at home. Enjoy!

Quána Madison

Quána Madison is a professional artist with more than 15 years of teaching experience in New York City, Shanghai, China and Denver, Colorado. She is the author of the book LoSing Strength & Dexterity and a facilitator of arts-based wellness workshops to promote inner peace. Quána is a cancer survivor, chronic illness warrior and recovering perfectionist. After surviving an extraordinary near death experience, she discovered her artistic voice and experienced post-traumatic growth through expressive arts. Quána believes that art has the power to nourish wellbeing physically, mentally, emotionally and energetically. A graduate of New York University and Colorado College, Quána holds a MA in Education and a BA in Philosophy.

Quána has shared a guided Peace Garden Meditation that you can follow at home. You can find Quána’s work here. Her Venmo  is @QuanaMadisonLLC.

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Matt Plain & J Hamilton Isaacs

Matt Plain is a multidisciplinary artist who implements a variety of analog and digital video techniques in his practice. He graduated from UW-Milwaukee in 2017 with a BFA in Film and Video. Matt has done live video projections at venues big and small, including the Bluebird Theater, Turner Hall Ballroom, Hi-Dive, and a recent performance at the Denver Art Museum in collaboration with Jacob Hamilton Isaacs. He has also exhibited work at Juicebox Gallery, MCA, RedLine and the Supernova program this past Fall. Matt currently runs a DIY venue in Denver with his friends Charlie and Pat.

J Hamilton Isaacs is a composer of music and designer of sounds. Using a variety of compositional and synthesis techniques, improvisation, and intuition, his work places an emphasis on subtle shifts in perception through listening.

You can make a donation that will be shared with both artists via Matt Plain through Venmo: @buttzilla.

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Description: “Krelltanz

Mary Wigman’s “Hexentanz” is manipulated through various video processes by Matt Plain using computer program Isadora with some parameters dictated by CV from a variation of the Krell patch created by Jacob Hamilton Isaacs using his modular synthesizer. The original Krell patch, created by Todd Barton, is a self-generative patch that allows the synthesizer to create endless randomized changes to pitch and tempo without input from the user. This type of ‘anti-interaction’ is mirrored in both the analog patch created by Jacob and the digital patch created by Matt. Although an excerpt of about six-minutes is presented, the video and audio could have carried on until the end of time without the need for the artists themselves, only the machines.

Video Synthesis by Matt Plain
Audio Synthesis by Jacob Hamilton Isaacs

Denali Brooke

About Denali

Denali Brooke is an international award winning artist who has exhibited in the last three International Association of Pastel Societies Exhibitions (2015, 2017, and 2019).  While living in New Mexico, she won several awards both in national and statewide juried exhibitions. She had the honor of assisting Dawn Emerson in some of the initial organization of her book, Pastel Innovations. Denali is a Signature member of the Pastel Society of America (2019) and earned her BFA from the University of Arizona in 1987.  She has collectors as far away as South Africa and Spain.  To give back to her community, she volunteers drawing demos for schools, senior centers, and other fund-raising events; and presented her journey as a disabled artist before disability advocates and FDIC representatives at the Building Financial Inclusion for All: A Call to Action conference in 2017, Albuquerque, New Mexico. Visit her website here.  Denali’s Venmo account is @Denali-Brooke.

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Patsi Pohle

Patsi Pohle is a prolific artist – her art career spans over thirty years. She works in oils,  and acrylics with pallet knife.  In addition, she accepts private commissions. Patsi’s love now is painting her own fine art creations.  She finds inspiration for her Art in the flora and fauna of Evergreen and on her high country hikes and photography expeditions.

Patsi earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. She also holds an Associate Degree in Commercial Art from Indiana Technical College. She spent her early career working as a commercial artist, both as staff and freelance artist for clients including Cummins Engine Co, Arvin Industries, Grote Manufacturing, Lear Siegler, and R.R. Donnelley. 

Patsi is a member of the Evergreen Artists Association, Center for the Arts Evergreen, the Gilpin Arts Association and the Colorado Mountain Art Gallery. Her current goal is to create art on a full time basis in the pallet knife styles that she enjoys. You can find her online here.  Patsi’s Venmo is: @Patsi-Pohle.

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Theresa Howell

Theresa Howell is the co-author of MAYBE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL (co-written with F. Isabel Campoy, illustrated by Rafael López, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt), which was inspired by the Urban Art Trail project in San Diego, which has led to similar community art projects throughout the United States. MAYBE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL was selected as the 2018 Read for the Record title, is the winner of the 2017 Tomás Rivera Book Award. Theresa is also the author of the picture book series SCOUT MOORE, JUNIOR RANGER (Grand Canyon Conservancy, Globe Pequot Press), featuring the bright, curious, outdoor-loving Scout who motivates young readers to get out there and explore our national parks and nature for themselves. Her latest book, LEADING THE WAY: WOMEN IN POWER, co-authored with Senator Janet Howell, features 50 bios of women in American politics.

Theresa began her career in publishing as a children’s book editor with Rising Moon, where she helped establish the bilingual imprint Luna Rising and published a number of award-winning titles. She lives in Colorado with her husband and two daughters. There, she hikes, reads, dances, and dreams. You can learn more about her books here. Instead of a donation, Theresa has asked that viewers support Hearthfire Books here in Evergreen.

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Steve Griggs

Steve Griggs likes to think of his paintings as a love letter to the people, places, and moments that make up the human experience. A single painting might speak a thousand different stories to a thousand different people. Nevertheless, a painting can remind us that, though our stories might differ, we are all connected. The experience of being human makes us one. The goal of Steve’s art is not to paint each leaf or twig or rock in a landscape. Using movement and representation, Steve paints to nudge the beauty, lingering within the soul, to life. He paints to evoke memory, feeling, and meaning.
Steve loves sharing his unique and evocative style of painting. He often hears that he makes it look easier than it actually is, but he is enthusiastic about teaching and encouraging others to not just try out his style but to develop their own style and voice in painting.
Steve and his partner, Sue, make up the team of SteveGriggsWatercolor. They have contributed several instructional articles to Watercolor Artist Magazine and The Artist (out of the UK) and have a YouTube channel here with videos intended to teach, inspire, or just entertain. Whatever else life brings, Steve and Sue are committed to bringing more joy and beauty to the world through art. Their Venmo account is @Sue-Griggs.
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Laura A Mehmert

“To write, paint, or sculpt is a lifelong process. It takes courage and tenacity to pour one’s heart out and put it on public view. It is risky but rewarding. I paint because it gives me pleasure and fills me with energy. It balances me. I strive to paint with a fresh eye and open heart. I hope you will receive the same joy from my work as I do creating it.”

Laura studied at the University of Missouri Kansas City and has taught private watercolor and oil classes for 30 years. You can find Laura online here and you can make a donation to her practice here.

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Beth Lindsay

Beth Lindsay’s art explodes with bold and vibrant color.  She has had a jewelry design business for over 10 years and recently rediscovered her love for painting.  As a child, she dreamt of being a dancer; she creates jewelry and paints with that in mind.  Beth strives to get colors and shapes to dance and move in a pleasing way and her pieces are joyously unrestrained.

Growing up with an artistic family, surrounded by eclectic design and an education rich in different artistic styles led to Beth’s passion for contemporary art.  Paintings that are courageous, flowing, thick with texture and experimentation and ripe with color, make her feel exhilarated. Jewlery that is out of the ordinary, incorporates off-loom handwoven beaded pieces and a variety of organic materials make up her unique line of adornments.

Beth grew up in Evergreen, CO and feels blessed to be able to create to her heart’s content in the mountains she loves. You can see her works here. Beth strongly supports EChO. You can make a donation to help support their mission here.

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Cathy Jones

“I came to put paint on paper long after having been inspired by the impressionist painters while studying for my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Paris and Grenoble, France. After graduation from the University of Illinois, I married and moved to New England and was immersed in the fine art museums of Harvard College and Boston, MA. Subsequently we moved to Denver, Colorado where we enjoyed the mountains from a distance but could not resist their siren call. So after a few years we moved to Evergreen, an artist community 25 miles west of Denver, situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. During this time I discovered Georgia O’Keefe and fell in love with her sensuous style of painting flowers and southwestern landscapes. I finally discovered my muse was watercolor and decided to concentrate my painting efforts in that medium. I am currently painting contemporary mountain landscapes. I continue to explore the medium of watercolor and it constantly reveals itself to me in different ways and inspires me to be more creative.” You can find Cathy online here. Cathy would prefer that any donations come directly to CAE, which we kindly appreciate.

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